Our Bed & Breakfast is located in the historic Palazzo Santoro. The entrance, on the main street of Altamura, keeps its original door leading to the fascinating Neapolitan style atrium and its beautiful wooden press oak, the grindstone made of mazzaro stone and an underground cistern.

Altamura is situated in the Alta Murgia Rural Park, a land rich in history, nature and wine and food traditions. In the neighborhood you can visit the amazing Castel del Monte, the city of Matera, the European Capital of Culture 2019, the famous Trulli of Alberobello and the wonderful Salento. In Altamura, internationally famous for its bread, you can enjoy the traditional flavors of the Mediterranean tradition.

Altamura was founded again in the first half of the 13th century by the Emperor Federico II.

In 1232, after his excommunication, he tried to make peace with the Establishment by building  an outstanding Cathedral. Dimora degli svevi is just 50 meters far from the two Cathedral towers. In our Bed & Breakfast you will live the history and myth atmosphere.

The Emperor suite, situated on the piano nobile of the just furbished building, features fresco paintings dating from the end of the 19th century, local original terracotta floors and bathrooms in real grit. The specialized recovery job has given new life both to the wooden shutters and to the roofs made of original terracotta tiles.

One of the locations guests can enjoy is the original ancient kitchen decorated with a beautiful terracotta hood, hand-painted pottery and the ancient wooden rafters of the ceiling. In this building, the recovering process of the origins harmoniously matches with its modern furnishings.

The other location situated in the piano nobile is dedicated to Bianca Lancia, Federico’s dearest lover. The sunny windows face on the ancient cloisters of the historic center of Altamura. You will enjoy an exciting  experience in the medieval tradition of the Leonessa di Puglia.

Dimora degli svevi is the result of a passionate recovery job lasted many years: floors, frescoes, shutters and roofs regained their sparkle though preserving the original structure and perfectly matching with the comfort of its contemporary furnishings.

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